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Welcome to the world of the Jumbalees! funny stories for kids          We   are   the   Jumbalees   and   we   live   and   play   together   on   our   exotic   island.   We're   always   having adventures   and   fun,   helping   each   other   through   exciting   and   sometimes   scary   adventures.   No   matter what we do, our stories always have a happy ending and we are always friends.  The   Jumbalees   are   imaginative   and   funny   stories   for   kids   about   a   group   of   colourful   young   creatures that   behave   like   human   children.   Their   social   interactions   help   prepare   them   for   dealing   with   others and   the   world   around   them,   and   their   loyalty   and   humour   allow   them   to   overcome   the   obstacles   they face.   Written   to   stimulate   children’s   imagination   and   amuse   them,   there   is   no   crudeness   in   the   stories making   them   acceptable   for   a   young   audience.   The   Jumbalees   are   available   as   Kids   eBooks   and Picture   Storybooks   in   print,   all   containing   lots   of   colourful   illustrations.   Currently   there   are   6   books   in the series. To learn more please explore the site!
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