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After   completing   a   post-graduate   course   at   Bristol   University   in   Radio,   Film   and   Television   Production   Chris   Evans started   his   career   in   art   as   an   animator   in   1970   with   a   company   called   Halas   &   Batchelor.   The   first   major   series   he animated for was The Jackson 5ive. Over   the   past   40   years   he   has   worked   as   a   key   animator   on   many   TV   commercials   and   series,   including   Superted, The   animated   series   of   the   Beatrix   Potter   childrens   tales,   The   Animals   of   Farthing   Wood,   The   Forgotten   Toys, Snailsbury   Tales   and   more.      He   has   also   animated   on   the   feature   films,   Watership   Down,   The   Twelve   Tasks   of Asterix, and, Lucky Luke and the Daltons based on a series of cartoon books by Uderzo and Goscinny.  Since   2000   he   has   worked   as   an Animation   Director   on   several   television   series   including,   Little   Monsters   (cartoon), The Likeaballs, The Dorkhunters from Outer Space, Zorro, Generation Z and the third series of Horrid Henry. Chris   wrote   and   designed   the   Jumbalees   childrens   stories   originally   as   an   animated   film   project   although   the   picture books are an excellent medium to present the stories and illustrations.
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